Our Services

Selling Property

EHL Conveyancing take care of all of all and any of the processes required when selling a property.

Quote and Initial instructions

Liaising with the Client and Buyers solicitors to answer the necessary enquiries that the buyers representative raises

Obtain the necessary Land Registry documentation

Discussing completion dates with all parties in the chain

Issuing the necessary contract documentation to the buyers representative

Exchange of contracts
Liasing with Lenders to obtain redemption statements

Purchasing Property

EHL Conveyancing take care of all of all and any of the processes required when purchasing a property.

Quote and Initial Instructions

Once Mortgage offer Received – checking and reporting to Client

Ordering and reporting on the necessary searches e.g Local, Water and Drainage and Environmental

Dealing with the mortgage Lender that has issued the offer to us

Receiving the draft contract documentation from the sellers representative

Discussing dates with the chain for exchange and completion
Investigation of title and raising the necessary enquiries to the sellers representative
Once date agreed – requesting the necessary funds from the Client and the lender
Report to Client of findings in the investigation of title
Dealing the necessary exchange and completion
Reporting documentation for signature and return
Registration of your ownership at Land Registry


The are many benefits to remortgaging and reasons why people choose to do so. We provide all conveyancing services required for remortgaging

Quote and Initial Instructions

Liasing with Lenders to obtain the funds to complete

Obtaining the necessary land registry documentation for proof of ownership

Dealing with completion

Once Mortgage offer Received – checking and reporting to Client

Registration of the New Mortgage at Land Registry

Liaising with Lenders to obtain a redemption statement


Transfer of Equity

Transfer of equity is the term used for the transfer of your interest in a property to another party. It maybe that you own a property outright and want to transfer part of the ownership to a partner or relative. We can deal with all transfer of equity requests and situations.

With or without a mortgage

From parents to children


To spouse

Separating but unmarried

Taking a name off


Leasehold can be a very complex area of land law.

At EHL Conveyancing we have a dedicated team focused exclusively on leasehold work.

One area that can cause difficulty is dealing with the management company. When acquiring a leasehold it is important to determine the likely costs from the management company and whether there are any arrears at all.

We are highly experienced in this field and can support you.


The sale pack will need to be prepared very early on for auction properties and with over 50 members of staff, we have the resources to support you. It maybe that there are particular conditions that need to be included in the sale pack and we will liaise with the relevant parties in this regarding (such as the auctioneer). The auction packs we prepare will include:

Special conditions of sale

Office copy entries

Land registry search

Local Authority Search

Leases (if applicable)

Other pertinent documents